Have dry and rough skin? Here are 5 Ways to Take Care of It!

Have dry and rough skin? Here are 5 Ways to Take Care of It!

You may be having dry and rough skin problems. This dry and rough skin condition occurs due to a lack of oil or fat content in the skin, thereby reducing the moisture or hydration level of your facial skin.

Well, apart from disturbing our appearance, this condition also often makes us uncomfortable when carrying out daily activities. Usually, when you experience dry and rough skin, you can feel several conditions, such as the following:

-Skin feels tight as if it is being pulled

-Skin is textured and looks rougher

-Skin feels itchy and painful

-Skin is scaly or peeling

-Skin looks fine lines

-Skin peels and bleeds in quite severe conditions

Usually, skin conditions that feel dry and rough as above can occur due to several factors that influence it. Read more about the factors that cause dry skin and how to care for dry facial skin in this article!

Dry and Rough Facial Skin Factors

Apart from the age factor which will naturally make your skin dry, according to the Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery, there are several other factors that cause dry skin 1 , including: [ 1 Guenther, et al. 2012. Pathway to Dry Skin Prevention and Treatment. Journal of cutaneous medicine and surgery. Retrieved February 6, 2023, from


: Usually, dry facial skin can occur due to a lack of moisture in your skin. This can happen especially in cold weather which tends to reduce the moisture level of your facial skin, which can cause dry skin.


Apart from weather, water conditions can also affect skin moisture, you know. For example, when you shower in hot water for too long, it can make your facial skin dry and


The decrease in your skin’s moisture can also be influenced by the length of time you soak or swim for too long, especially in pools where the water contains a lot of chlorine.

Sun exposure

Any type of heat, including the sun, can be a factor in dry skin. Continuous exposure to UV rays emitted from the sun can cause wrinkles and texture to appear on your face due to damage to collagen fibers in the deepest layers of the skin.

Using soap that is too harsh.

There are several types of soap that can make facial skin dry and rough because it can remove the fat and water content in the skin, so that the skin can lose moisture and become dry.

Use of coolers/heaters

Another cause of dry skin is using coolers and heaters for too long, which can make your skin dry due to decreasing humidity levels in the surrounding air.


Apparently, dry skin can occur not only from external factors, you know! Dry and rough skin conditions can also occur if you smoke 2 . The smoking habit is also known to disrupt blood circulation in your skin, thereby reducing skin moisture and making it look dry, rough and textured 3 . [ 2 WebMD. August 3 2021. Dry Skin and What You Can Do About It. Retrieved February 6, 2023, from

5 Ways to Care for Dry and Rough Skin

Use soap that is suitable for sensitive skin and avoid soap that uses added fragrances. One recommended cleanser that you can try is Neutrogena ® Extra Gentle Cleanser containing no-added fragrance, soap, and dye which has been dermatologically tested and is suitable for dry and sensitive skin and can gently cleanse the skin and help maintain skin moisture so that the skin looks healthy and moist. This facial skin condition can make you less confident.

Use a suitable cleanser.

When choosing a formula to clean your face, you need to pay close attention to the ingredients in it, OK? One of the things you need to avoid when choosing a cleanser is harsh ingredients that can strip away the natural oils in your skin

and make your facial skin dry.

Use soap that is suitable for sensitive skin and avoid soap that uses added fragrances. One recommended cleanser that you can try is Neutrogena ® Extra Gentle cleanser containing no-added fragrance, soap, and dye which has been dermatologically tested, suitable for dry and sensitive skin and can gently cleanse the skin and help maintain skin moisture so that the skin looks healthy and moist. This facial skin condition can make you less confident.

Drink Enough Water.

Dry and rough skin can occur due to a lack of water intake into your body, so you can experience dehydrated skin. Therefore, let’s drink enough water to keep your skin healthy and supple!

Water needs are different for each body, but quoted from Healthline 4 , adults are recommended to drink as much as: [ 4 Healthline. 4 November 2020. How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day?. Retrieved February 6, 2023, from
– Women: 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) per day
– Men: 15.5 glasses (3.7 liters) per day

Pay Attention to How You Shower

Apparently, you also have to pay attention to how you bathe. This is because improper bathing can reduce the moisture levels in your skin, making your facial skin drier and rougher.
Some dermatologists recommend doing several things when you shower to treat dry and rough skin 5 , including: [ 5 AAD.org. December 7, 2013. Dermatologists’ Top Tips For Relieving Dry Skin. accessed on 6 February 2022, from

– Limit shower duration to 5-10 minutes to avoid dry skin
– Use water warm and avoid hot water which can remove the natural oils in your skin
– Don’t rub the towel when drying your face, it’s better to tap your face to keep it supple.

Use moisturizer after bathing.

Moisturizing your skin optimally is also something you shouldn’t miss when treating dry facial skin! One way is to use a moisturizer for dry skin regularly which can increase your skin’s moisture.
Neutrogena ® Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Water Gel can be the right choice for those of you who need a moisturizer for dry skin that can hydrate your skin optimally. This moisturizer has also been clinically tested by dermatologists and is equipped with Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) Complex to maintain skin barrier strength, maintain skin vitality, hydrate 5x more *6 so that your skin feels soft, firm, supple and radiant. [ 6* versus no-treatment controls.]

Use Serum for Extra Hydration

Apart from drinking water, another most effective way to hydrate skin and treat dry skin is to use serum for your face! Well, Neutrogena ® Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Serum could be the right solution for you because it has a bursting hyaluronic pearl formula which functions to hydrate the skin.
This serum has a light texture that contains 17% hydration complex and absorbs quickly into the skin, and is equipped with glycerin content which can provide moisture to penetrate the 9 inner layers on the outermost surface of the skin, so your skin feels smoother and supple.


Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Skin to Keep It Tight and Healthy

Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Skin to Keep It Tight and Healthy

As you get older, the signs of aging become more obvious. Don’t worry, there are easy ways to care for your skin to keep it firm and healthy.

As you get older, the signs of aging on your skin become more apparent. Complaints usually include skin that looks wrinkled, sagging and wrinkled. In fact, many of these complaints are experienced by those under 30 years of age! Don’t immediately panic and want to rush into a facelift . There are easy ways to care for your skin to keep it firm and healthy.

  • Before you know the secret to caring for healthy and firm skin , know some of the causes of skin that quickly looks old and wrinkled, namely:
  • Excessive sun exposure. Moreover, if you don’t use sunscreen, sun exposure can damage the supporting structures in the skin.
  • Unstable body weight. Weight gain and loss easily can damage skin elasticity. As a result, the skin sags and wrinkles easily.
  • Smoking . Tobacco and various chemicals in cigarettes cause dry skin and wrinkles easily. Apart from that, smoking can also reduce the oxygen and nutrients that the skin needs.
  • Consuming caffeine. Drinks that contain caffeine, such as tea, coffee, or energy drinks can trigger the appearance of fine wrinkles on the face.

When you find that your skin is no longer as firm as before, don’t rush to spend millions to tens of millions of rupiah. Try doing the simple steps below first:

Clean the skin regularly

Routinely cleaning your skin by bathing and cleaning your face regularly can help maintain healthy skin. This is because this activity is able to remove dust, dirt or disease-causing germs that stick to the skin. Make sure you shower twice a day and never forget to clean your face before going to bed.

Drink water

Try to drink at least eight glasses of water per day. If the body’s fluid needs are met, the skin will also feel the benefits. Skin moisture will continue to be maintained, so you avoid dry skin and wrinkles.

Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep and/or have a habit of staying up late? Be careful, all of this can accelerate premature aging. Not only that, the body’s ability to absorb good nutrients from food can also be hampered. Furthermore, the body’s capacity to produce cell rejuvenation hormones is reduced because these hormones actively work while you sleep.


Eat more vegetables and fruit

Vegetables and fruit have high antioxidant content. Well, this antioxidant plays a big role in skin rejuvenation and regeneration. So, if you want your skin to stay healthy, make sure vegetables and fruit are never absent from your daily menu.

Exercise routine

Regular exercise can increase the skin’s oxygen and blood supply, so that the nutrients the skin needs to maintain its health are maintained.

Protect skin with sunscreen

From now on, try not to leave the room without sunscreen protection. Use sunscreen or sunblock every morning, 15 minutes before you do outdoor activities. The use of sunscreen can prevent excessive formation of melanin pigment and prevent damage to the skin’s protective structure so that premature aging does not occur. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen every 3-4 hours.

Stay away from cigarettes

According to a study from the University of Alabama, England, smoking can cause skin aging which begins with the appearance of wrinkles. This is because the nicotine in cigarettes is a vasoconstrictor, namely a substance that can reduce blood flow to body organs, such as the skin. This decrease in blood flow can remove oxygen and important nutrients that the skin needs, including vitamin A which is needed for skin cell regeneration.

Excessive wrinkles will occur around the mouth and creases between the nose and mouth. This causes the basic tissue of the skin to lose its strength, so that the face will become droopier and have deeper wrinkles.

Even though you never miss skin care at a beauty clinic or buy various skin care products, never forget the seven basic methods above. Caring for skin also requires patience. Accompanied by discipline, your skin will definitely stay firm and healthy!


It turns out this is the basic ingredient for making lipstick

It turns out this is the basic ingredient for making lipstick

Who doesn’t know lipstick ? If we separate it word by word in English, lip means lips and stick means stem. In context, the sentence means stem for lips.

Meanwhile, according to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), lipstick or what is called lip color is a stick-shaped object, solid, smooth and of various colors.

Lipstick is often used by teenagers, adults and even the elderly. It is not uncommon for people to use it as a tool for applying make-up to create an aesthetic feeling on their face.

However, some people who use lipstick often don’t know or even care about what basic ingredients are used to make lipstick . As users, we should not only use it but also know what ingredients are used in lipstick .

So , let’s look at the statement below. Let’s Go .

Reporting from CNN, lipstick is apparently made from fish scales, in fact most of the ingredients. However, not all types of lipstick are made from fish scales . To find out whether the lipstick we are using contains fish scales or not, by looking at the ingredients or composition on the side of the lipstick , whether there is guanine or not. According to him, Guanine is a crystalline material made from fish scales. Quite surprising, isn’t it, it turns out that lipstick is made from fish scales.

Besides that, lipstick also contains wax. However, not just any wax is used in lipstick . In general, the type of wax used in lipstick , namely candelilla wax, which is made from plants , is produced from candelilla bushes in South America. This ingredient is what makes the lips look matte when applied to the lips.

So, now that we know what ingredients are used in lipstick , it would be a good idea to use a natural lip mask so that our lips look healthy and fresh.

You only need to prepare two simple ingredients to make your lips look healthy, namely turmeric and honey (cotton wool and warm water as an addition). For the treatment process, first, peel the skin of the turmeric (use only a small amount of turmeric), then rub it in honey .

Gently rub the turmeric and honey on your lips until your lips look yellow. Prepare warm water, while waiting for the turmeric to dry on the lips -/+ 7 minutes. Once your lips feel dry, put cotton wool in warm water and gently rub the cotton wool over your lips. Taraaaa lips will look healthier and fresher. Use it 1-2 times a week for maximum results.



Hello friend Hermina, I like to feel toothache and lack self-confidence because there is tartar or yellow plaque. Currently, tartar is a very common dental health problem and is often underestimated, even though this condition can cause serious dental and oral disease. It must be very unpleasant if you have a toothache, so let’s find out the causes of tartar and how to prevent it. Tartar is formed due to plaque buildup on teeth that is left for too long and not cleaned. Dental plaque itself is a thin layer formed from food residue left in the mouth. Here are some of the causes of tartar and its dangers:

  • Poor oral and dental hygiene, for example rarely brushing your teeth or not cleaning your teeth with dental floss
  • The habit of consuming foods or drinks that contain a lot of sugar, such as candy, milk, packaged drinks and cakes
  • The habit of smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages
  • Dry mouth, for example due to side effects of medications, autoimmune diseases, or thyroid disorders
  • This accumulated tartar cannot be cleaned by brushing your teeth as usual. This allows the bacteria in tartar to cause irritation and damage the gums and teeth.

Over time, this irritation can trigger gum disease, such as gingivitis and periodontitis, which can have serious consequences if left untreated. Therefore, maintain dental hygiene and have your teeth checked regularly by a dentist. That way, tartar can be detected early and treated immediately. Oh yes, friend Hermina Bitung, there is a way to treat tartar and plaque that you can do at home, namely:

  • Brush your teeth regularly

Brush your teeth regularly 2 times a day for 2 minutes, using the correct method of brushing your teeth. Make sure you reach the back surfaces of your teeth and molars when brushing your teeth. When brushing your teeth, use toothpaste that contains fluoride and brush your teeth with soft bristles. Try to reach all areas between the teeth and mouth. You can also try using baking soda to clean tartar.

  • Use dental floss and mouthwash

Also clean your teeth with dental floss at least once a day after brushing your teeth. This aims to remove plaque and food residue between the teeth that may still remain because it is difficult for a toothbrush to reach. After that, gargle with mouthwash to clean your teeth and mouth, and eradicate the bacteria that cause plaque and tartar. To avoid causing irritation to your gums and mouth, you can use a mouthwash that is alcohol-free or contains essential oils.

  • Reduce sugar consumption

It has been mentioned previously that the bacteria that cause plaque develop due to consumption of food or drinks that contain a lot of sugar. To control plaque buildup, limit consumption of sweet foods and increase consumption of balanced nutritious foods.

  • Drink enough water

You are advised to drink 8 glasses or around 2 liters of water every day. Water functions to remove bacteria and dirt in the mouth which can trigger the buildup of plaque that causes tartar. Apart from that, drinking enough water every day also prevents you from dry mouth which can damage your teeth.

Avoid smoking and alcoholic drinks. As far as possible, stay away from cigarettes and alcoholic drinks. The reason is, these bad habits can increase the risk of dental and oral health problems, including the formation of tartar.



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Overcome the Problem of Cracked Feet in a Natural Way

Overcome the Problem of Cracked Feet in a Natural Way

aircraftgalleries.com, Jakarta: Recently the weather has been scorching hot in a number of areas. Hot weather temperatures like today, of course, really damage the beauty of the bottom of the feet.

Actually, many things can cause dry feet, such as not drinking enough water, dehydration, cold temperatures. And it could also be due to hot temperatures, frequent soaking in hot water, and frequent use of shoes or high heels.

Cracked feet are not dangerous and are commonly experienced by many people. However, if the feet are left dry and chapped, the cracks will become deeper.

So it can make you sick or feel uncomfortable when standing or walking. But don’t worry, you can restore the beauty of your feet in several ways.

What practical and natural ways can restore the smoothness of the skin on the soles of your feet? Below are various tricks you can try at home, summarized by various sources, including:

1. Soak your feet

After a day of activities, there’s no harm in pampering your feet by soaking them in warm water. Apart from being able to relax your leg muscles after being active all day, you can also regain moisture in your feet.

Don’t forget to mix some natural ingredients in the warm water bath, such as a mixture of Epsom salt and lemon. Epsom salt contains magnesium which can improve blood circulation in your feet.

Meanwhile, lemon contains acid which can remove dead skin cells on your feet. Soak your feet for 10 to 15 minutes in warm water mixed with the two natural ingredients.

The more routine you are, the faster you will feel the results. So try to do it after doing activities outside the house.

2. Rub your feet with coconut oil

After soaking your feet, you can also immediately rub the dry feet with a mixture of coconut oil. Apart from being very beneficial for our face, in fact coconut oil also has quite a lot of benefits.

The benefit is to restore moisture to your feet. It’s best to use socks that have been smeared with coconut oil so that they can be absorbed well in the pores.

3. Foot Mask with Banana

Bananas are one of the most consumed fruits in the world. Contents such as magnesium, vitamin B6, manganese and fiber make bananas a useful fruit.

Namely, it has many benefits for body health, including caring for the skin of your feet. The method is easy, mash several bananas and coat your feet with banana pulp.

Leave it for 10 minutes so that the contents of the banana absorb into the pores of the skin on your feet, then wash it off with warm water. If you do this regularly for 2 to 3 weeks, you can have beautiful foot skin.

4. Use a foot scrub with a mixture of baking soda, honey and sugar

Apart from moisturizing the skin, you can also use a scrub from natural ingredients to reduce cracked feet. Like a mixture of baking soda, honey and sugar.

Mix all the ingredients in one bowl, then you can start to gently rub the dry parts of your feet. Baking soda and honey are believed to have good nutrition for your dry and cracked feet.

Meanwhile, sugar functions as a scrub to remove dead skin and can be used as a natural moisturizer. However, before you start scrubbing, it’s a good idea to soak your feet first so that they are more damp and the skin on your feet will be easier for you to rub.

5. Drink more water

Drinking lots of water is a way to keep your whole body hydrated. Starting from the lips, throat, even to the skin of the feet.

Fulfill the body’s water needs by drinking lots of water. So that dry and cracked skin on your feet can be resolved and return to its smooth and healthy state as usual.


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Understand the 4 Negative Impacts of Removing Armpit Hair

Understand the 4 Negative Impacts of Removing Armpit Hair

aircraftgalleries.com – Plucking armpit hair is often done by many people. However, the habit of plucking armpit hair incorrectly can cause several skin problems. It’s a good idea to first find out the negative impacts of removing armpit hair. Launching from dove.com, here is the explanation, namely:

1. Hyperpigmentation

First, the negative impact after removing armpit hair is hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is a condition where the skin becomes darker than before. It’s not just shaving that can make underarm skin look dark, plucking can too.

When you forcefully remove armpit hair, the skin in the armpit area will become irritated and over time it will turn black. Instead of looking smooth, your armpits actually look dark and unkempt because of hyperpigmentation.

2. Skin becomes irritated

The negative impact after removing armpit hair is that the skin becomes irritated. When the skin has been infected by germs or bacteria, the skin can become irritated. Irritation of the underarm skin will cause pain, a reddish rash, and even lumps that sting when touched.

The pain due to irritation after removing armpit hair will probably disappear in a matter of days. However, it is also possible that the irritation will develop and cause pain that lasts longer. If within 7 days you still feel pain due to irritation, you should consult a doctor to avoid worsening your skin health condition.

3. Ingrown armpit hair

Furthermore, the negative impact that will be experienced is that armpit hair can grow inward (ingrown hair). Armpit hair that grows inside the skin cannot be seen from the outside. However, you will feel the effects, such as swelling, itching, red rash, and pain.

4. Armpit hair grows thicker

The negative impact after removing armpit hair is that the armpit hair grows thicker. You need to know that the habit of plucking armpit hair can actually speed up the growth of these hairs. When touched, the texture of the armpit hair that has just grown after being removed is also rougher than the armpit hair on skin that has never been shaved. Check other news and articles on Google aircraftgalleries.com


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Tips for choosing a moisturizer for acne-prone skin

Tips for choosing a moisturizer for acne-prone skin

In contrast to normal skin types, acne-prone skin types are quite susceptible to the use of certain products. Choosing the wrong type of product can cause acne problems on facial skin to get worse.

One skincare product that should not be missed to improve the condition of your skin so that it becomes healthy again is moisturizer. Some people choose to avoid facial moisturizer products because they believe that these products can make their acne worse. Is that true?

In fact, according to skin specialists , the right moisturizing products can help restore the skin’s condition and texture to health, thereby helping overcome acne problems.

Some types of moisturizer are very rich and have a dense texture, so they are prone to leaving residue on facial skin and causing clogged pores to cause acne. But of course this will not happen if we can choose the right type of moisturizer for acne-prone skin. Here are the tips

1. Recognize the Type of Acne

The first thing to pay attention to when determining the right type of moisturizer is to recognize the type of acne.

Teen age:

  • If you are still a teenager where the secretion of sebum on the skin is reaching its most active point, disrupting the balance of the skin and causing acne, it is recommended to use a type of moisturizer that is useful for cleaning the remaining sebum on facial skin. Usually this type of moisturizer contains peeling and anti-bacterial ingredients.
  • Skin metabolism tends to be active in adolescence, so using a moisturizer that has the function of cleaning excess sebum on the skin will work more effectively to overcome acne problems. Choose a type of moisturizer that has a bactericidal or peeling function and is also able to provide high humidity to the skin to prevent over-exfoliating.


  • For those of you who are 20 to 30 years old, acne usually arises due to an unhealthy lifestyle, such as staying up late, smoking habits, or stress. At this age, skin resistance also tends to decrease. Apart from that, the lack of vitamin and mineral levels in the body which is exacerbated by excessive consumption of fatty foods can also play a role in causing acne problems.
  • The type of facial moisturizer that is suitable for acne-prone skin in adulthood is a product that is able to maintain skin moisture. Using this type of moisturizer will really help to hydrate the skin so that it doesn’t dry out and produce excess oil which often triggers acne.
  • Moisturizers that are able to maintain skin moisture will help restore healthy, moist and fresh skin conditions. Apart from that, you can choose a type of moisturizer that is equipped with various vitamins such as vitamin E or additional ingredients such as aloe vera which helps support skin moisture.

2. Contains active ingredients to treat acne

When you want to choose a moisturizer for acne skin care, it is important to pay attention to the ingredients. Because, there are several types of products that can treat acne and there are also products that contain ingredients that can make acne worse.

To treat acne inflammation on the face, choose a moisturizing product that contains the following ingredients:

  • Anti-inflammatory . This anti-inflammatory ingredient is useful for preventing and reducing inflammation of the skin. Several types of ingredients included in anti-inflammatories are Glycyrrhizic acid 2K and glycyrrhetic acid stearyl. Both are ingredients that are often used to suppress symptoms of red, hot or itchy skin due to inflammation.
  • Vitamin C . So that your skin can regenerate properly so that acne problems are quickly resolved, you can choose moisturizing products that contain vitamins or vitamin C derivatives. Vitamin C can provide anti-inflammatory effects while reducing sebum production. This is what makes vitamin C able to trigger skin regeneration. However, only vitamin C derivatives can be absorbed by the skin. These include vitamin C phosphate, ascorbic acid glucoside, and many more.
  • Vitamin B2 . Apart from vitamin C, vitamin B2 can also help reduce excess sebum production.
  • Vitamin A. Vitamin A also has the property of supporting the growth of the skin epidermis and accelerating the skin regeneration process, and others. Of course, this kind of vitamin intake cannot only be obtained from just consuming skin care products. So that the effect is felt more optimally, you can get it by consuming fruit and vegetables.
  • It is oil free . It’s a good idea to choose a type of facial moisturizer that is oil free . Moisturizing facial products that contain oil have the potential to disrupt the balance of sebum levels on the skin and cause acne to appear on facial skin. This excess sebum becomes ‘food’ for the bacteria that cause acne, which results in an increasing number of acne appearing on the face. Therefore, it is mandatory to choose a facial moisturizer product with minimal oil content or even no oil at all.
  • Free from alcohol content . Apart from oil, the alcohol content in moisturizing products should also be avoided by those with acne-prone skin. Alcohol is indeed able to provide a fresh sensation and reduce itching on acne-prone skin, but at the same time it also makes the skin drier. This dry skin condition is not good because it will only make acne problems worse. Choose products that do not contain alcohol and other derivatives such as ethanol and the like.

3. Choose one with a light texture


Moisturizer for acne-prone skin should not cause irritation and also not contain many additional substances or additives. These additives are usually added to influence the texture of the moisturizer to make it more supple or soft so that people prefer it.

However, excess additives will leave residue on the skin so it is not recommended for those with acne-prone skin so that their acne problem does not get worse.

Choose a type of moisturizer that has a light, lightweight texture and is easily absorbed by facial skin and does not leave a heavy and sticky impression when applied.

You can choose a type of moisturizer that has a watery texture, or is water based , so it feels light when used. Lotion or gel type moisturizers that have a runny texture can also be an alternative option for acne-prone skin.

If you have stubborn skin problems, don’t hesitate to consult a dermatologist using Okadoc. You can make an appointment to see a doctor directly or have a virtual consultation via video call for various health problems, you know!

Come on, download the Okadoc application now on the Play Store and App Store.


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Definition, Benefits and Tips for Choosing a Moisturizer

Definition, Benefits and Tips for Choosing a Moisturizer

Benefits of Moisturizer – Currently the world of skincare has experienced very rapid development, there are lots of skincare products that use a variety of unique ingredients with a million benefits. Apart from that, skincare brands are increasingly detailing customer needs and separating each skincare function. Examples include serum, toner and moisturizer .


Does Grameds understand what the use of moisturizer is ? Moisturizer is a moisturizer that has many benefits for the skin. However, moisturizers also have different functions and benefits. To make it clearer, see the following explanation about moisturizers .

Understanding Moisturizer

In general, a moisturizer is a moisturizer, namely a lotion or cream that is used on the skin and its function is to prevent and treat dry skin problems. Moisturizer is not only needed by people who have dry skin, but is also needed by all skin types, both normal and oily.

Some people are sometimes reluctant to use moisturizer, because moisturizer is considered to be one of the causes of increasingly oily skin. However, this assumption is wrong because if Grameds can choose the right moisturizer , then the moisturizer will nourish Grameds’ oily skin well.

Even though in general moisturizers and moisturizers are the same skincare product , along with the development of skincare products, many skincare brands are starting to differentiate the functions of moisturizers and skincare .

So, moisturizer and moisturizer are different skincare products and have different functions. Basically, a moisturizer is a skincare product that focuses more on its function as a moisturizer or ‘locker’ as well as a moisturizer. Apart from that, both also have the same shape and texture. Confused? Check out the following explanation of the differences between moisturizer and moisturizer !

Difference between Moisturizer and Humidifier

Moisturizers and moisturizers have the same packaging form, usually in the form of a tube or a special container, apart from that, they both also have the same texture, such as gel, cream and lotion. Apart from that, moisturizers and moisturizers generally have the same function, namely to moisturize facial skin, so that the skin will feel softer.

So what is the difference between moisturizer and moisturizer? Basically, the basic difference between moisturizer and moisturizer is in terms of benefits.

Moisturizers generally work by hydrating the skin, so that the skin will become moist and can maintain moisture in the skin, so that it does not disappear easily by retaining the water content in the layers of the skin.

Therefore, the benefits of moisturizer will be felt more by Grameds who have dehydrated facial skin types. Because dehydrated skin needs skincare products that can hydrate and maintain skin moisture at the same time.

The benefits of this moisturizer are certainly different from the benefits of moisturizer. Moisturizer has the benefit of maintaining the natural moisture that already exists in the skin. In simple terms, this moisturizer actually has almost the same function as a skin barrier, namely to protect the skin from environmental aggressors and prevent the water content in the skin layer from evaporating through the pores.

How does humidifier work? The method is to form a report on the surface of the skin which has the function of preventing water from evaporating as well as protecting the skin. This layer also fills gaps and cracks in the layers of skin cells, so that the texture of facial skin becomes smoother and softer and can reduce itching on the skin.

The difference between moisturizer and other moisturizers is that moisturizer can help overcome skin problems such as dull skin, remove blemishes, disguise wrinkles, treat acne and others. Moisturizers , in general, do not have these benefits because moisturizers focus more on providing hydration and moisturizing the skin.

Benefits of Moisturizer

Even though a moisturizer doesn’t sound like it has as many benefits as a moisturizer, using a moisturizer at the Grameds skincare stage is important, because using a moisturizer will help restore keratin protein to facial skin. So that the skin is maintained, remains moist, smooth and healthy.

By regularly using moisturizer , the skin pH that is lost when washing your face returns. Apart from that, there are other benefits for skin health when using moisturizer regularly. Check out the explanation below.

1. Maintain skin moisture

In accordance with the main function of a moisturizer , namely as skincare that maintains moisture or provides moisture to the skin, the first and most important benefit of a moisturizer is to maintain skin moisture.

Moisturizer provides sufficient hydration to the outermost layer of facial skin, and is useful for protecting the deeper layers of skin from damage due to various things.

2. Nourish the skin

Apart from providing hydration and maintaining skin moisture, moisturizer is also useful for nourishing the skin. In general, certain skincare brands have added several ingredients that can nourish the skin. Examples include vitamins, antioxidants and even SPF which is useful for tightening the skin from damaging UVA or UVB rays and protecting the skin from sun exposure.

3. Prevents the emergence of various skin problems

By regularly using moisturizer , the skin’s pH will become more balanced, thus preventing Grameds from dry skin and oily skin problems. If Grameds has an oily skin type, then Grameds skin will more easily get acne, if Grameds skin is dry, then Grameds can look older and dull. Therefore, whatever your skin type, Grameds need to prevent all skin problems by regularly using moisturizer .

4. Disguise blemishes on the face

If Grameds has skin problems in the form of black spots on the face, whether due to acne scars or signs of aging, Grameds can get rid of those annoying black spots by regularly using moisturizer .

Apart from being able to disguise black spots on the face, moisturizer is also useful for evening out the color and texture of facial skin. However, this benefit is a little tricky , because Grameds must be smart in choosing a moisturizer that has ingredients that suit Grameds’ skin problems.

For example, if Grameds wants to disguise blemishes on the face due to aging, then Grameds can choose a moisturizer that contains retinol or vitamin C.

5. Makes skin more youthful

Who doesn’t want to look youthful, without wrinkles and smooth? If you want to look youthful, then moisturizer is the key! As previously explained, dry skin that doesn’t get enough nutrition or hydration can cause the skin to become dehydrated.

So what’s the effect? Grameds will have signs of skin aging appearing earlier. Examples include fine lines on the forehead, smile lines , wrinkles, or even dry patches and spots. Apart from that, skin that is dry and dehydrated usually tends to look dull.

Therefore, a moisturizer which has the main benefit of maintaining skin hydration and providing moisture can also overcome skin problems that cause aging and inhibit aging. So, if Grameds often watches Korean dramas, Grameds certainly knows that Korean actresses tend to look more youthful and one of their secrets is diligently using moisturizer with the right ingredients according to their skin type!

6. Brightens facial skin color

The final benefit of moisturizer is that it can brighten facial skin color. Because of this one benefit, moisturizers are able to even out patchy skin color.

By using moisturizer regularly, Grameds’ facial skin will look healthier, fresher and brighter. Apart from that, currently there are many moisturizers that have been formulated with ingredients that will make facial skin brighter.

Types of Moisturizers

When choosing a moisturizer , Grameds needs to adjust it to your skin type and it must be adjusted to Grameds’ skin type and skin problems, so that Grameds gets maximum treatment results. The types of moisturizers have been adapted to their function, including moisturizers for oily, dry skin and moisturizers for combination skin.

The types of moisturizers are also distinguished by the composition they contain and the texture of the moisturizer. The following is a further explanation regarding the types of moisturizers .

1. Moisturizer for oily skin

For Grameds who have an oily skin type, Grameds must use a moisturizer that does not contain oil or is oil free and a moisturizer that has a water based or gel texture, so that it does not feel heavy and makes the skin even more oily. Grameds can have moisturizers that contain tea tree, AHA or other ingredients that are known to prevent acne.

2. Moisturizer for Dry Skin

Dry skin types basically need a moisturizer that has a lotion or cream texture, so that it can moisturize the skin and prevent the skin from becoming dehydrated. Therefore, Grameds with dry skin types can choose a moisturizer that has a heavier texture, so that the skin can be well hydrated.

Grameds can use a moisturizer that contains oil based to keep the skin moist. Apart from that, Grameds can also use a water based moisturizer if you want to add hydration but don’t like the feeling of a heavy moisturizer on the skin.

3. Moisturizer for Combination Skin

The third type of moisturizer is a moisturizer that can be used by someone who has combination skin. In general, someone who has a combination skin type can use a type of moisturizer that has a gel texture on the t zone of the face and a moisturizer with a lotion texture on the u zone of the face.

Grameds can choose a moisturizer for combination skin that contains antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, ceramide, hyaluronic acid and so on.

4. Moisturizer for Normal Skin

The last type of moisturizer is a moisturizer that is good for Grameds who have normal skin. If you have normal skin, Grameds will find it easier to determine the texture or composition of the moisturizer . Because, in general, normal skin types tend not to have many skin problems.

Focus on what type of care Grameds wants to achieve. For example, Grameds wants their face to look brighter, so Grameds can choose a moisturizer that is liquid or contains non-comedogenic ingredients so it doesn’t clog pores, as well as ingredients that can brighten the skin, such as niacinamide.

Tips for Choosing a Moisturizer

After knowing the types of moisturizers , Grameds also need to know tips for choosing a moisturizer . Well, the first key is that Grameds must know Grameds’ skin type first. If you know Gramed’s skin type, it will be easier for Gramed to choose a moisturizer according to your skin’s needs.

  1. Choose a moisturizer that contains SPF, so that the skin can be protected from exposure to sunlight, especially ultraviolet rays such as UVA and UVB which can accelerate premature aging.
  2. Choose a moisturizer that contains antioxidants to ward off free radicals and prevent damage to skin cells.
  3. Adjust the moisturizer to the needs and condition of Grameds’ skin. If Grameds has an oily skin type, then choose a special moisturizer for oily skin.
  4. Avoid choosing a moisturizer that has fragrance ingredients, because this can pose a risk of skin irritation, especially if Grameds has a sensitive skin type
  5. For Grameds who have oily skin, it is better to choose a moisturizer that contains light basic ingredients.
  6. If Grameds has a dry skin type, then Grameds can choose a moisturizer that has a high level of protection and contains ceramides in it.
  7. If Grameds has a sensitive skin type, then Grameds can choose a moisturizer that is gentler and does not contain fragrance, or not choose an exfoliating moisturizer with a high concentration of exfoliate content because it can cause irritation.

How to Use Moisturizer Correctly

In order to get maximum treatment results, apart from being smart in choosing the type of moisturizer according to your condition and skin type, Grameds also need to know the correct way to use moisturizer.

  1. Clean the skin with cleanser, double cleansing is better. Before using moisturizer, Grameds must ensure that the skin is clean from makeup and dirt that sticks to it after a day of activities. Using toner. After washing your face and double cleansing , Grameds’ facial skin will definitely dry out and the skin’s pH will change. So to normalize and make the moisturizer work more effectively, Grameds can use toner first.
  2. Apply moisturizer . If you don’t have serum or are not used to using serum as a skincare step , then Grameds can directly use moisturizer .
    The way to do this is to take enough moisturizer around a grain of corn, then rub it on your face evenly. Spread the moisturizer from the outer part of the face to the center in a circular motion, then move to the middle of the chin and massage the face slowly.
  3. If you spread the moisturizer in the opposite direction, namely from nose to ear, it will leave moisturizer residue around the hairline.
    So there is concern that the moisturizer that Grameds uses will actually accumulate and clog pores and cause lots of pimples and blackheads to appear on that area of ​​the face.
  4. Don’t forget, use moisturizer on the neck! Don’t take it lightly, the skin on the neck also needs attention so that wrinkles don’t appear quickly. Use enough moisturizer on your face, then take another corn kernel of moisturizer and apply it to your neck.

Now we know that a moisturizer is a moisturizer that has different textures and benefits depending on skin type. If Grameds is interested in skincare , including the ingredients in it, benefits, types and the correct steps in using skincare , Grameds can find out more by reading books related to skincare on Gramedia.com so that you have information #MoreByReading.



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How to Get Rid of Black Lips with Natural Ingredients

How to Get Rid of Black Lips with Natural Ingredients

How to get rid of black lips – Facial beauty is what women desire most. Having white skin and radiant red lips is considered to be part of this beauty. Although currently women’s beauty standards are starting to change as time goes by.

Regarding lips, in general women want to have lips that look red. However, due to an unhealthy lifestyle and other factors, your lips can appear black and dull.

Does Grameds lack self-confidence because of black lips? Therefore, you need to know how to deal with darkened black lips using several natural methods.

Having soft, pink lips is certainly a dream for many people. Therefore, Grameds need a little more effort to have healthy lips. Not only from treatment, Grameds also need to change from an unhealthy lifestyle.

So, here’s how to treat black lips quickly using natural ingredients. It’s easy and practical, you know!

Causes of Black Lips 

Before knowing how to treat black lips, there’s no harm in Grameds finding out the cause of this condition. Then, what are the causes that make lips dark?

First, if Grameds often licks his lips, this could be the cause of black lips. This is because the habit of licking your lips will make your lips even drier which makes Grameds want to continue licking them.

Second, if Grameds has a smoking habit. This can also make the lips black. Dark lips can be caused by several factors, one of which is reduced blood flow to the lip area. The ingredients in cigarettes, such as tobacco and nicotine, can darken the lips and the lining of the mouth, which ultimately changes the color of the lips.

Apart from that, there are several causes of black lips, such as consuming a lot of caffeine, allergies, using unsuitable beauty products, lack of nutrition, using lipstick too often, consuming certain medications and hereditary factors.

Each cause of black lips varies from one individual to another. Therefore, you must know for sure the cause of black lips. That way, you can focus on how to deal with black lips.

How to Treat Black Lips

Black lips often occur due to hyperpigmentation, which is a change in skin color. This can be overcome with cosmetic treatments, such as laser treatment and the help of chemicals, namely hydroquinone and kojic acid.

Apart from that, Grameds can use other natural ingredients as a way to treat dark lips. Here are several ways to deal with black lips, including:

  • Take advantage of lemon juice and water

Journal studies show that lemons can act as a melanin inhibitor to help treat black lips. Drinking lemon juice mixed with warm water and honey makes a good herbal mixture, Grameds. This functions to detoxify the body, so that the skin on the lips becomes radiant and looks healthier.

Apart from that, because this fruit also has whitening properties, Grameds can rub lemon on the lips as a way to treat black lips.

Every night before going to bed, cut a lemon and rub the juicy part gently on your lips. The next morning, rinse your lips with cold water. Grameds can also mix lemon with sugar to use as a lip scrub.

The goal is to exfoliate the dead skin that sticks and accumulates, causing blackness on the lips. Grameds can repeat it regularly every night until you see the results.

  • Berries and honey

Berries contain important minerals and vitamins to keep lips healthy and nourished. Both raspberries and strawberries, this fruit can be used to treat black lips. These berries can help brighten dark lips.

Mixing honey in this concoction can be said to be quite helpful in brightening the lips. Apart from brightening, berries and honey can help treat chapped and irritated lips. Its properties also stimulate the growth of new skin cells and help reduce skin damage caused by sunlight.

Apply these natural ingredients to help your lips turn pink naturally. Mix these ingredients in a bowl, then apply as a scrub to the lips. Massage gently for 10 minutes, then let it dry and rinse thoroughly.

  • Lime

Lime is another type of citrus fruit which is believed to have anti-melanin production properties, so it is suitable as an ingredient to treat black lips quickly. In a small bowl, mix the following natural ingredients:

  • 1 ½ tsp fresh lime juice
  • 1 tsp hone
  • 1 tsp glycerin

Mix all the ingredients until smooth, gently apply the mixture to your lips before going to bed. After that, rinse your lips the next morning with warm water. Because it tastes very sour, you should try to reduce the amount of orange juice that gets into your mouth, Grameds.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric is a natural ingredient that can treat black lips. In a small bowl, combine the following ingredients:

1 tbsp liquid milk

Enough turmeric powder to make a paste
Stir until it forms a paste and add a little water so that the texture is not too dense. Using wet fingertips, rub the paste on your lips. Then, leave it for about 5 minutes before rinsing with cold water. After your lips are dry, apply them with your favorite moisturizer, Grameds.

  • Aloe vera

In a study, it was found that the ingredients in aloe vera can inhibit melanin production. Therefore, it can make the lip color appear brighter. Aloe vera is efficacious for removing skin pigmentation naturally.

How to deal with black lips can be by applying a thin layer of fresh aloe vera gel to the lip area. Once dry, rinse with sufficient warm water. Then, add coconut oil to make your lips feel more moist and nutritious. This is one of the best tips on how to get rid of black lips quickly.

  • Pomegranate

A study in 2005 found that pomegranate extract could lighten hyperpigmentation on the skin. This is a way to deal with black lips quickly and naturally. Grameds can mix the following ingredients to get healthier looking lips, namely:

1 tsp pomegranate seeds

1 tsp rose water

1 tbsp fresh milk cream

Gently massage the mixture onto your lips for about 3 minutes, then rinse with cold water. Repeat every day for optimal treatment of black lips.

Almond oil

Almond oil is quite effective in removing skin pigmentation naturally. Massaging the lips with almond oil can help moisturize and increase circulation in the lip area. This can increase blood flow to the area and make the lips brighter.

Use high-quality almond oil or coconut oil as a way to treat black and dry lips. Gently rub the oil into your lips several times a day. The effect will be visible in the next 1 or 2 days, Grameds. Almond oil can be easily found in supermarkets and online .

Drink enough water

Lips are one of the first areas of the body to look dry and dark. Drinking enough water is one of the best ways to care for your skin. Well, a well-hydrated body is also a way to deal with black lips quickly. Grameds can add cucumber or lemon slices to a glass of water for a more delicious and refreshing taste.


Beetroot, a fruit that is similar to dragon fruit, can be an option to treat black lips next. Beetroot is believed to give lips a natural pink color.

How to use it is by blending beets into a smooth mixture, then apply it to the lip area 3 times a week. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes then rinse. Once your lips are clean and dry, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly, Grameds.

Rosewater and olive oil

Mix 2 drops of rose water and olive oil to treat black lips. Apply this mixture to your lips 3 to 4 times a day. Grameds can also apply this concoction before going to bed at night.

Even though you can feel the oily feeling on the lips, don’t wipe it off, Grameds. This can also make your lips feel more moisturized and prevent them from drying out.


Grameds can use cucumber as the next way to treat black lips. Apart from being commonly used for facial masks, it turns out that this fruit is also beneficial for the lips, you know . Here’s how to easily prepare cucumber for a lip mask at home:

Blend and fruit as cucumber puree.

Chill the cucumber puree in the refrigerator.

Once the cucumber concoction has cooled, dip a cotton ball into it.

Then, use a cotton ball to gently apply the puree to the dark areas of your lips.

Leave the cucumber puree on your lips for about 30 minutes, then rinse with cold water.

Sesame oil

In one study, sesame oil contains active lignin called sesamol. According to research, this compound was found to inhibit melanin biosynthesis in animal studies. This is because sesame oil also helps in dealing with dark lips in humans.

The way to use it is to rub sesame oil on your lips and leave it to dry. Grameds can be applied in layers to make lips feel moister. Do this 2-3 times a day. Of note, sesame oil can cause allergic reactions in some people. Therefore, do a patch test on the skin first, Grameds.

Exfoliates lips

Exfoliating your lips is also an important step as a way to treat black lips quickly. Exfoliation or peeling of the skin aims to remove dead skin cells.

If you don’t do it regularly, it can make your lips black again. At least exfoliate your lips 2-3 times a week, Grameds.

Sugar and butter

The following natural ingredients are definitely in our kitchen. Come on, use it to treat black lips quickly, Grameds. Sugar and butter are believed to be quite helpful in making lips brighter and moisturized.

So, how do you make it? Here’s a practical way to make a concoction of sugar and butter:

Mix 3 tsp sugar and 2 tsp butter.

Massage this mixture onto your lips for 3 to 4 minutes.
If Grameds wants to try, butter can be replaced with olive oil. Olive oil. Olive oil will create higher moisture in the lip area.


Toothpaste which is rich in magnesium, selenium, calcium, potassium and various other minerals is good for speeding up the skin regeneration process. Apply it firmly to your lips, let it sit for 15 minutes then rinse with clean water. For maximum results, use herbal toothpaste.


Potatoes have vitamins and minerals that can help speed up the skin regeneration process, so they can be used as a way to treat black lips to make them bright and rosy. Grameds can do the treatment by mashing the potato and then applying it to the lips.


Ice cubes will constrict the blood vessels so that the blood pressure in the lips will increase and they will appear red. Rub ice cubes on your lips for 15 minutes every day.

Coconut oil

Applying coconut oil on the lips can not only soften the skin of the lips, it can also restore the color of the lips to a brighter color. Grameds can mix sugar and coconut oil then rub it gently. Don’t forget to rinse with clean water, Grameds!

Pure milk

How to deal with black lips by applying pure milk for 10-15 minutes on the lips to help remove dead skin. The lactic acid content can remove black spots on the lips and make them brighter again.

Lip balm

Apart from using natural ingredients, Grameds can also add another step as an effort to overcome black lips by using lip balm. This function is to provide moisture to the lips, lip balm can also help brighten and reduce dull lips. Make sure the lip balm product that Grameds uses has SPF to protect your lips from sunlight and doesn’t get darker, Grameds.

Mint leaves

Mint leaves will give a cooling sensation to the lips which are rich in vitamins and minerals. This content can redden lips naturally, Grameds. How to make mint leaf mixture:

First grind 2 mint leaves.

Then apply on lips.

Leave it for 15 minutes.

Then rinse it with clean water.


Avocados contain antioxidants and vitamins which are good for skin health. Moreover, avocado contains more than 25 nutrients that are important for the body. How to get rid of black lips quickly and permanently with avocado. The method is to mash the avocado flesh then apply it to the lips. Leave it for 15 minutes then rinse with clean water.

So, those are various ways to get rid of black lips with natural ingredients that are easy to do, Grameds. Hopefully this article inspires you! Good luck!

If Grameds is still confused, and needs references regarding ways to completely treat black lips with natural ingredients or looking for a beauty book, then you can visit the Gramedia book collection at gramedia.com.

As #FriendsWithoutLimits, we will always provide the best and most complete information for Grameds. To support Grameds in broadening their knowledge, Gramedia always provides quality and original books so that Grameds has information #MoreByReading.


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How to Treat Acne Correctly Medically

How to Treat Acne Correctly Medically

Knowing how to treat acne correctly according to medical recommendations will determine how quickly you will be free from acne.

Mistakes in how to treat acne can cause the face to be full of pus, boils, blemishes or pockmarks and even serious infections that require hospital treatment.

For this reason, treating acne cannot be done carelessly so that the scars can disappear. This is because acne is a disorder that is influenced by many interrelated factors.

MIKA friends, let’s look at several ways to deal with acne in the following article.

Get to know the factors that cause acne

Acne is a skin disorder caused by blockage of the fat glands (sebaceous glands).

Usually, acne will appear on the face, neck, upper chest, back and upper arms. This disorder often affects teenagers and sometimes adults. The appearance of acne is triggered by several factors such as:

  1. Genetic or hereditary factors
  2. Hormonal factors, the hormones that play a role in causing acne are androgen hormones. For this reason, acne is often suffered by teenagers whose hormonal functions are starting to work actively, as well as before and after menstruation.
  3. Cosmetics, especially those with high fat content such as moisturizers , night creams , and foundations as well as the use of scrubs often worsen this disorder.
  4. Foods that contain a lot of fat such as nuts, chocolate, butter, cheese, fried foods, goat meat, pork, foods that contain lots of spices such as chili sauce, foods with coconut milk, as well as durian fruit, mango, avocado, jackfruit, and so on.
  5. Poor facial hygiene
  6. Lack of sleep or lack of rest
  7. Stress, anxiety, anxiety, worrying too much.
  8. Difficulty defecating
  9. Frequently holding, squeezing, or rubbing acne. The more often you touch or squeeze, the bigger, worse the acne will get, and can leave very ugly blemishes in the form of pockmarks or keloids.
  10. Rubbing hair or using a towel roughly.

All of these factors cannot be eliminated directly in a short time and not all of these factors can be eliminated completely. Therefore, acne treatment cannot achieve maximum results in a short time and is sustainable.

How to deal with acne properly

When acne appears, MIKA Friends can take several steps to overcome it. Here are the steps to treat acne properly:

a. Clean your face regularly

The first thing that MIKA Friends must do as a step to prevent acne recurrence and overcome it is to always maintain regular facial cleanliness.

Even though the acne has healed, MIKA friends still have to make sure they clean their face properly and well continuously.

b. Don’t squeeze pimples

Next, you have to make sure you avoid all the factors that cause acne. To cure and remove acne, MIKA Friends are prohibited from holding, squeezing or rubbing acne.

If these activities are carried out, it will trigger secondary infections which often result in complications in the form of blemishes and blemishes, pockmarks or keloids.

c. Reduce the use of skincare with high fat content

As mentioned before, cosmetics or skincare that have high levels of fat are the cause of acne.

Many skin and venereal specialists recommend the next way to deal with acne, namely by reducing or avoiding the use of skincare or cosmetics with a high fat content. Usually this fat content is found in moisturizers, day cream, night cream, foundation, cleansing cream.

This will result in blockage of pores. MIKA friends are also not advised to use scrubs too often because it will damage facial skin and make it easier for secondary infections to occur which will make acne worse

d. Wash your face properly

There are several rules for cleaning your face properly to avoid the risk of acne, including avoiding the use of antiseptic soap or medicated soap . Generally, this soap will often cause skin irritation

Apart from that, MIKA Friends are also not recommended to clean or wash their face with hot water.

e. Use acne medication

If it turns out that acne triggers pockmarks, then MIKA Friends can buy topical acne medication at the pharmacy or one that has been recommended by a doctor.

If this method of dealing with acne doesn’t work, chemical peeling can be done by an experienced skin and genital health specialist.

e. Other ways to get rid of acne

Finally, you can do several activities to prevent acne from recurring, namely:

Avoid doing activities including exercise under hot sunlight which can make acne worse

  • Avoid foods that contain lots of fat
  • Manage stress and get enough rest
  • Try to have regular bowel movements every day
  • Eat foods with low fat content such as beef, fish, chicken, non-fat milk,
  • steamed or boiled and eat lots of vegetables and fruit.
  • If the acne has healed, maintenance efforts need to be made to prevent
  • recurrence according to the doctor’s instructions.

Consult with a skin and genital health specialist

There are many cases of acne causing facial skin to become damaged such as blemishes or spots and blemishes or pockmarks due to wrong treatment. Among the acne treatments above, the best way to deal with it is to visit a skin health specialist.

The doctor will perform a procedure to remove the blockage of the sebaceous glands, such as giving medicine that can exfoliate the dirty skin.

This skin peeling process aims to remove dead skin cells, so that it can remove the blockage of the sebaceous glands which is the root cause of acne, as well as remove the dullness of the face so that the face becomes bright and clean.

This skin exfoliation process does not always result in thinning of the skin if it is carried out under the supervision of a skin and genital health specialist.

Interested in having a consultation to treat and get rid of acne? Meet the best Skin and Venereology Specialist doctor at Mitra Keluarga!


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