Are there any benefits to singing lullabies for babies?

Are there any benefits to singing lullabies for babies?

“Singing songs to babies can help children’s growth and development, especially cognitive and emotional development. “There are many lullabies, not just Lullabies, parents can choose other songs such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or regional songs.”

aircraftgalleries, Jakarta – For fathers or mothers who have the habit of singing songs to babies, you could say this is a very good habit. By singing songs to babies, you can build bonding between parents and children, as well as help children learn language.

There are many songs that can be sung to children, and one song that is quite popular is the song entitled Lullaby. Even so, there are still many other songs that mothers can sing. So, the question is, what are the benefits of singing songs as a lullaby for your little one?

Benefits of Singing Lullabies for Babies

Apart from building bonding, improving memory, and making children learn language, there are various other benefits of singing songs to babies, namely:

1. Helps develop listening skills

Singing is a good way to get baby’s attention and focus. When listening to songs, children learn to sit still and listen to the lyrics. In the end, this can develop communication skills, which usually start with imitating the lyrics of songs.

2. Helps brain development

Singing songs to babies can also be a way to improve children’s brain development. Usually, lullabies actually help increase the baby’s attention and expression of positive emotions to the people around him.

3. It’s fun and makes children’s mood more positive

Apart from all the benefits mentioned above regarding singing songs to children, there are other benefits that can be obtained, namely making children happy! A happy child can have a more positive mood, making them less grumpy and so on.

4. Make the baby move

Listening to songs can make babies move to the rhythm of the music, and occasionally sing songs, even if they are still mumbled. That is the benefit of singing lullabies to babies. If parents have questions about baby health and parenting,

Not Just Lullabies, There Are Many Choices

According to information circulating on internet pages, Lullabies were created by a Dutch and Indonesian husband and wife couple in the 1800s for their daughters. So, if you don’t want to or are bored of singing a lullaby, there are still many other songs that can be used as a lullaby. What types of songs are recommended?

1. Twinkle twinkle little star

This song has a soft rhythm with quite expressive lyrics, telling about the stars. The song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is suitable as a lullaby for children.

2. Somewhere over the rainbow

Apart from Twinkle Twinkle Little Star , mom or dad can also sing the song Somewhere Over The Rainbow . This song also has positive lyrics, to keep those listening to the spirit, even if life doesn’t live up to expectations.

3. Regional songs

In order to further promote locality, as well as introduce children to their cultural roots, mothers and fathers can also sing regional songs of origin as sleep songs for children. For example, Kampung Nan Panjang in Mato , which can be sung in a low tone and slow rhythm.

4. Classic songs

According to a scientific journal entitled The exploration of classical music contribution to improving children’s memory abilities, published in the Education Guidance and Counseling Development Journal, it is stated that listening to songs or classical music from an early age in children can improve memory and develop memory. rokokbet rokokbet SHIOWLA
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