Cracked Feet, This is a Possible Solution

Cracked Feet, This is a Possible Solution

Cracked Feet, This is a Possible Solution – Cracked feet can reduce your self-confidence, especially when wearing sandals or shoes with open heels. Those of you who have this problem no longer need to be insecure because there are several solutions to dealing with cracked feet that are easy to apply.

Cracked feet occur because the skin on the feet is very dry. This makes the skin in that area crack easily. This condition not only disturbs your appearance, but can also cause soreness on the soles of your feet.

Solution for Cracked Foot Skin

The main key to dealing with chapped feet is keeping the skin of the feet moist. To get more moisturized skin, you can apply the following tips:

1. Clean your feet with mild soap

Clean or soak your feet using soap for 20 minutes. Then, gently rub dry or cracked feet using a pumice stone and dry them using a soft towel.

Soaking your feet in soapy water can help treat chapped feet, but make sure that the soap you use to soak your feet is a mild soap. Soap that contains harsh chemicals needs to be avoided because it can actually make the skin even drier.

2. Use foot cream

To treat chapped skin on your feet, you are also advised to apply a moisturizing cream containing dimethicone . Foot cream with this ingredient is effective in moisturizing dry skin.

You can apply this cream to chapped feet at any time. However, to optimize absorption, it is recommended that you apply it after every shower.

3. Use petroleum jelly

Apart from foot cream, you can also use petroleum jelly to treat chapped skin on your feet. Petroleum jelly can restore moisture to the skin of the soles of the feet well.

It is recommended that you apply petroleum jelly at night before bedtime. Use clean, comfortable socks after applying this moisturizer so that the petroleum jelly doesn’t get everywhere.

4. Sufficient body fluid intake

Lack of body fluids can make your mouth and throat feel dry, as can the skin on your feet. Therefore, it is important to always meet your body’s fluid needs by consuming 8 glasses or 2 liters of water every day.

If your skin is well hydrated, the problem of cracked feet you are experiencing will slowly improve.

Cracked feet generally occur accompanied by hardening of the skin tissue or known as calluses . This condition can be treated by applying medication containing salicylic acid .

Cracked feet initially only disturb the appearance, but can also turn into a serious problem when the feet become injured and infected.

If cracked feet have become infected, several symptoms will usually appear, such as pain and redness around the area. If this happens, the doctor will prescribe topical antibiotics .

Tips to Prevent Cracked Foot Skin

To prevent chapped feet, here are some tips you can do:

Keep the skin of your feet moist

The soles of the feet are often the part of the body that is overlooked when you use moisturizer . So, from now on, don’t forget to apply moisturizer to the soles of your feet at least twice a day, especially after every shower.

Avoid bathing for too long

Bathing for too long can cause skin moisture to decrease, including the skin of the feet. Therefore, you are advised to limit your bathing time, which is only around 5-10 minutes. Then, avoid bathing in hot water because this can make the skin even drier.

Wear comfortable footwear

Wear comfortable socks and shoes or footwear that fit well when traveling so that your feet can be well supported. Avoid wearing flip-flops for long periods of time because this can make it easier for your feet to dry out.

Keep your feet warm

Avoid going barefoot when walking on a hot floor because the heat can absorb into the skin and make the feet dry. When the air temperature is cold, it is recommended that you wear socks to maintain the temperature of your feet.

Dealing with cracked feet is not easy. It takes patience, attention and extra time to restore its condition. If you have done the tips above, but your cracked feet have not improved, consult a doctor to get the right treatment.

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Overcome the Problem of Cracked Feet in a Natural Way

Overcome the Problem of Cracked Feet in a Natural Way, Jakarta: Recently the weather has been scorching hot in a number of areas. Hot weather temperatures like today, of course, really damage the beauty of the bottom of the feet.

Actually, many things can cause dry feet, such as not drinking enough water, dehydration, cold temperatures. And it could also be due to hot temperatures, frequent soaking in hot water, and frequent use of shoes or high heels.

Cracked feet are not dangerous and are commonly experienced by many people. However, if the feet are left dry and chapped, the cracks will become deeper.

So it can make you sick or feel uncomfortable when standing or walking. But don’t worry, you can restore the beauty of your feet in several ways.

What practical and natural ways can restore the smoothness of the skin on the soles of your feet? Below are various tricks you can try at home, summarized by various sources, including:

1. Soak your feet

After a day of activities, there’s no harm in pampering your feet by soaking them in warm water. Apart from being able to relax your leg muscles after being active all day, you can also regain moisture in your feet.

Don’t forget to mix some natural ingredients in the warm water bath, such as a mixture of Epsom salt and lemon. Epsom salt contains magnesium which can improve blood circulation in your feet.

Meanwhile, lemon contains acid which can remove dead skin cells on your feet. Soak your feet for 10 to 15 minutes in warm water mixed with the two natural ingredients.

The more routine you are, the faster you will feel the results. So try to do it after doing activities outside the house.

2. Rub your feet with coconut oil

After soaking your feet, you can also immediately rub the dry feet with a mixture of coconut oil. Apart from being very beneficial for our face, in fact coconut oil also has quite a lot of benefits.

The benefit is to restore moisture to your feet. It’s best to use socks that have been smeared with coconut oil so that they can be absorbed well in the pores.

3. Foot Mask with Banana

Bananas are one of the most consumed fruits in the world. Contents such as magnesium, vitamin B6, manganese and fiber make bananas a useful fruit.

Namely, it has many benefits for body health, including caring for the skin of your feet. The method is easy, mash several bananas and coat your feet with banana pulp.

Leave it for 10 minutes so that the contents of the banana absorb into the pores of the skin on your feet, then wash it off with warm water. If you do this regularly for 2 to 3 weeks, you can have beautiful foot skin.

4. Use a foot scrub with a mixture of baking soda, honey and sugar

Apart from moisturizing the skin, you can also use a scrub from natural ingredients to reduce cracked feet. Like a mixture of baking soda, honey and sugar.

Mix all the ingredients in one bowl, then you can start to gently rub the dry parts of your feet. Baking soda and honey are believed to have good nutrition for your dry and cracked feet.

Meanwhile, sugar functions as a scrub to remove dead skin and can be used as a natural moisturizer. However, before you start scrubbing, it’s a good idea to soak your feet first so that they are more damp and the skin on your feet will be easier for you to rub.

5. Drink more water

Drinking lots of water is a way to keep your whole body hydrated. Starting from the lips, throat, even to the skin of the feet.

Fulfill the body’s water needs by drinking lots of water. So that dry and cracked skin on your feet can be resolved and return to its smooth and healthy state as usual.

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