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For Healthy Facial Skin

For Healthy Facial Skin

For Healthy Facial Skin Maintaining healthy facial skin is not just a lifestyle, but a daily necessity and a form of self-compassion. In order to get a healthy and fresh face, a certain amount of money is set aside to buy various skin care products. The younger generation believes that a healthy and fresh face is a reflection of personality.

Ragil Irmalia (27) allocates a budget of less than IDR 500,000 per month to buy facial care products ( skincare ). “I think skincare is like buying vegetables for cooking. “So, I did prepare it because it has become a daily necessity,” said the writer who lives in Jakarta, Thursday (16/3/2022).

The beauty products that Ragil bought included facial cleanser and toner which cost less than IDR 10,000 per bottle. He also bought facial wash, serum, facial moisturizer and sunscreen. For these items the price is IDR 170,000–IDR 200,000.

Some skin care products are produced domestically. Some others are imported products. “I just fit in . As long as the product is good and the price is right, I’ll buy it. There are good Indonesian products that I use. “If it’s suitable, I usually keep buying it,” said the writer, who often does outdoor activities.

Ragil has been using this facial product since childhood. The product originally purchased was facial cleansing soap. As she gets older, she increasingly needs skincare that meets the specific needs of her oily and acne-prone skin. He realized that his skin problem was not just because it was dirty due to pollution or dust, but also a hormonal problem. Therefore, she buys beauty products that meet her needs.

Ragil’s goal in buying beauty products and caring for his skin is as a form of love for himself. “My journey using skincare goes hand in hand with how I found compassion for myself. I realize that as an individual I want to be better. “In terms of appearance, I make it happen by taking care of my face,” he explained.

Ragil feels happy because currently skin care products are diverse and produced to meet various needs. In the past, most skin care products were aimed at making skin whiter. Now there are many products that are deliberately made to cure skin problems, such as dry, oily and acne-prone skin.

Apart from that, the prices of skin care products also vary. Some cost tens to hundreds of thousands of rupiah or even millions of rupiah. This diversity makes it easier for consumers to choose products that suit their needs and budget. If your budget isn’t big, there are lots of products that are cheap and high quality.

Ragil’s journey to find products that suit his needs is not always beautiful. She once felt that a product was not suitable for her skin. “My skin was already acne-prone, so it became even more acne-prone. Finally I gave the product to my friend. The price is pretty good. “Finding suitable skincare is like looking for a soul mate, you have to look for the right one,” he said.

To buy skincare , Ragil usually hunts in online or offline stores . He also often waits for certain times when the product he is targeting offers a discount. The price of skincare , which is usually IDR 200,000, can drop to IDR 170,000 at the end of the month.

According to Ragil, considering that skincare has become a daily necessity, without these things, life feels inadequate. “If you forget to use skincare, you will feel uncomfortable. “It seems like something is missing and my face becomes oily,” he explained.

Rafi Ramadhan (21), who is currently studying Public Administration, Brawijaya University, also regularly looks after the lecture. For him, taking care of the skin – especially the face – is important. Apart from being a form of self-love, taking care of your skin is also useful for shaping your self-image.

Rafi routinely cleans his face twice a day with facial soap. Next, he adds moisturizer and sun protection cream every morning and before a day’s activities. “ Just basic skincare routine. Facial soap is the most important thing for keeping your face clean. In the morning, before going to college and coming home from college that afternoon, I immediately clean up. ” I haven’t gone to the clinic yet ,” said Rafi when contacted, Thursday (16/3/2023).

According to Rafi, facial skin care doesn’t cost a lot of money. In a month, he budgets IDR 150,000 to buy facial care products. He sets aside his pocket money for his skin care needs. Everything he uses is local products that are affordable and easy to obtain. “If I have any pocket money left over, I put some more aside. “So, I manage the source of my pocket money so that when it runs out I can buy more,” he said.

For him, skin care is not just about using facial cream and maintaining cleanliness. Diet and nutritional intake also need to be considered. “Sometimes it’s a match because each skin has its own characteristics. “The food and drinks that enter the body also have an effect, for example, there are those who cannot consume milk,” he explained.

Product safety

Separately, Dermatology and Venereology Specialist, Listya Paramita said that basic skin care or what is more familiarly called basic skincare is the right way to maintain the health of young people’s skin. Start by cleaning the skin using soap that does not make the skin dry or feel pulled.

Next, use a moisturizer that suits your skin type and protect your skin by using sunscreen of at least SPF 30 in the morning or afternoon. “Apart from that, use products according to your individual skin needs and complaints. “There are complaints about acne, for example, so add products that can help treat acne, for example products that contain salicylic acid, sulfur, AHA/BHA, or retinol,” said Mita.

According to Mita, everyone needs to know their skin type and the problems they face in order to understand how to overcome them so they can choose the right products. Apart from that, the most important thing is to check whether the care product is safe or not.

“Pay attention to the distribution permit. Don’t use fake products. Don’t blindly buy everything you want, but it turns out it doesn’t suit your skin’s needs. “Don’t be too “passionate” and apply various types of products without knowing their uses,” said Mita.

On the other hand, a healthy lifestyle also affects skin health, so skin care must also be supported by a healthy lifestyle. Among other things, getting enough sleep, a healthy diet and regular exercise will be very useful in keeping your skin in top condition.

For this reason, skin care actually doesn’t cost much if it is maintained from an early age and supported by a healthy lifestyle. “Especially when you understand your skin’s needs, just adjust it and adjust it to your individual budget, there’s no need to force yourself,” said Mita.


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