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Want to have a thin face, here’s how

Want to have a thin face, here's how

Want to have a thin face, here’s how – There are many ways you can do to create a thinner face and look more attractive. You can choose by changing your appearance or through medical procedures. For more details, let’s look at the following article.

Beauty trends and standards change from time to time. One trend that is still in demand by many people is having a thin face. This face shape is considered to give the impression that the body looks fitter and slimmer.

Various Ways to Make Your Face Thin

If you want to beautify your appearance by making your face look slimmer or thinner, try the following methods:

1. Using make-up

The easiest way to make your face look thin is to use make-up . You can use contouring techniques to shape the jaw line and nose, so that your face looks thinner. You can follow the instructions from videos on social media or take a make-up class to do this facial make-up technique .

2. Change hair style

Changing your hairdo or style can also make your face look thinner. However, determining the hairstyle should be adjusted to the shape of the face, for example:

Round face shapes are advised to choose layered hairstyles and stay away from bob hairstyles or evenly cut hair

  • Square face shapes are advised not to cut hair as short as the jawline
  • Heart face shapes are advised to choose short hair and bangs
  • with layers around the cheekbones

3. Do facial exercises

Regularly doing facial exercises , including doing the mewing technique , is one way to tighten facial muscles and make it look slimmer. Apart from that, movements in facial exercises are believed to increase blood and oxygen circulation to the skin, so that the skin will appear fresher and more youthful.

4. Reduce salt intake

Excessive salt consumption can make the body retain more fluid. This condition will give the impression that the body looks slightly swollen. If it occurs on the cheeks, the swelling will make the cheeks look chubbier.

So, try to limit your salt consumption so that your face looks thinner and slimmer. Apart from cosmetic reasons, limiting salt intake is also good for preventing high blood pressure.

5. Drink more water

Drinking enough water can reduce the amount of salt, thereby preventing fluid buildup and swelling on the face. This habit can also make your stomach feel full for longer, thereby helping you lose weight. That way, your face will look thinner.

6. Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep can disrupt metabolism and increase levels of the stress hormone or cortisol in the body. This can trigger an increase in appetite, resulting in fat deposition on the body and face and weight gain.

By getting enough sleep for at least 8 hours a day, you will be better able to control your weight and appetite, so that your face will look thinner.

7. M esotherapy

This method is done by injecting special chemicals, for example enzymes, vitamins, or plant extracts, to destroy fat tissue. If done on the face, mesotherapy can reduce the size of the cheeks and make them look thinner.

Apart from that, mesotherapy is also useful for tightening the face, whitening the skin, and reducing wrinkles or lines on the face, thus making the face look youthful.

8. Thread planting

If you want to shape your face without having to spend a lot of money and don’t want the hassle of undergoing surgery, you can choose the thread lift procedure . This procedure can be carried out by a specialist plastic surgeon.

The results are almost similar to plastic surgery in making the face slimmer and firmer , but the effects only last around 1-3 years.

9. Operation

Surgery can be an option to get a slim face while improving the shape of the face. Surgical procedures that can be performed include:

Liposuction surgery

Liposuction surgery is usually performed on the cheeks, chin and neck. This procedure is carried out by making a small incision under the facial skin, inserting a small tube, and sucking out the fat through the tube.

Buccal fat removal

surgery Buccal fat removal is a plastic surgery procedure to remove fatty tissue on the cheeks. As a result, your face will look thinner and slimmer. Usually, this operation is also accompanied by other procedures, such as a facelift .

Making a thin face by trying make-up styles , hair styles, and losing weight is a bit troublesome and takes a long time. However, this method is considered safer and cheaper than medical procedures, such as plastic surgery and thread lifts.

If you want to have a thin face through any procedure, you should consult  a doctor first to determine whether you are suitable for the procedure.

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