Help skin stay youthful and glowing from within, here are 6 local collagen drinks you can try!

Help skin stay youthful and glowing from within, here are 6 local collagen drinks you can try!

Help skin stay youthful and glowing from within, here are 6 local collagen drinks you can try!

Of course you are already familiar with the benefits of collagen for skin. This ingredient, which is also found naturally in the body, is often a mainstay when you want to slow down the aging process or make your skin glow . Nowadays, there are many collagen drinks on the market to help meet your daily collagen intake so you can get glowing skin like a K-pop idol . Read on to find out what local collagen drinks you can try.

Youvit Collagen

After successfully presenting vitamin supplements in gummy form , Youvit now also has collagen drink products. The content consists of 2000 mg tripeptide fish collagen from Korea and L-Glutathione from Japan. Apart from that, this drink is also enriched with niacinamide, vitamin C, vitamin E, and saffron . Available in refreshing grape and hibiscus flavors, this powdered drink is claimed to help prevent premature aging, make skin more glowing , even out skin tone, and maintain the skin barrier after 30 days of consumption.

Nama Daily Cgen

Makeup and skincare brand Nama also presents Daily Cgen collagen drink. This drink contains collagen tripeptide which is useful for increasing skin elasticity, preventing wrinkles and fine lines, softening skin, thickening hair, and strengthening bones and nails. Another ingredient that is no less good is L-Glutathione which is useful for the immune system and building and repairing immune tissue, as well as acting as an antioxidant to protect cell damage caused by UV rays and free radicals. There are also multivitamins consisting of vitamins B complex, C and D3 to maintain the body’s immunity and Lactobacillus to maintain digestive health.

Noera Collagen Drink

Noera also has a collagen drink which now comes in a new formula and has three flavor choices, namely strawberry , peach and watermelon . The new formula is claimed to be five times more effective at helping brighten and tighten the skin, so the skin looks youthful and free of acne. This new formula is also lower in calories, lower in fat, and lower in carbohydrates. The collagen comes from salmon and is also equipped with L-Glutathione , vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin premix, bird’s nest extract, saffron extract , and Korean strawberry extract.

Balance Pure Collagen

Apart from having various types of fiber drinks, Balans also has collagen drinks, you know ! Balans Pure Collagen is a collagen drink without flavors and dyes. The main composition consists of L-Glutathione which is useful for brightening the skin, and hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin. The collagen content itself is as high as 8000 mg, and it also uses marine collagen which is known to be very good as anti-aging because it builds skin elasticity and moisture. Because there is no flavour, this collagen drink is suitable for mixing into various other drinks, such as smoothies or iced chocolate.

Kiyoo Gen

Another collagen drink that is also worth trying is Kiyoo Gen which has grape flavor. Specially formulated to brighten the skin and slow down premature aging, this drink uses Korean tripeptide whose absorption rate is six to ten times better than ordinary collagen peptide so it only needs to be drunk once a day. This drink is also useful as an anti-inflammatory, helps shrink pores, and increases skin moisture and elasticity.

Everwhite Hicolla

Another beauty brand that also offers collagen drinks is Everwhite. The collagen drink called Hicolla uses nano collagen technology and is formulated with 2500 mg collagen tripeptide. The absorption rate is four times that of ordinary collagen so that its benefits in solving various skin problems can be felt optimally, such as reducing wrinkles and fine lines, increasing skin elasticity, and fading acne scars. It also contains 9 AntiOx Glow to help skin look brighter and radiant.

Byt Colla

Another collagen drink alternative is Byt Colla which also uses tripeptide collagen because it is 2.8x faster absorbed than hydrolized collagen . The combination of other ingredients in this drink is blue algae, snow algae, green algae, vitamin C and a complete vitamin B-Complex which is processed using Japanese technology. Apart from making your skin glow and reducing acne and scars, this drink is also able to speed up wound healing, improve the skin barrier, reduce wrinkles, ward off free radicals, and maintain healthy hair, nails, joints and bones.

So, those are six local collagen drinks that you can try to make your skin glow and help prevent premature aging. There are various flavors to choose from, so you can buy according to your taste. Which one are you interested in trying? Write in the comments, okay

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