Practice Self Care by Maximizing Skin Care

Practice Self Care by Maximizing Skin Care

Practice Self Care by Maximizing Skin Care When you hear the words self care , you might think about how to be physically healthy, for example eating nutritious food. However, among other things, skin care is also an important and beneficial part of self-care for your body.

So, as part of self care , what are the benefits of this skin care? What skin care steps can be taken ? Read this review to find out the answer.

Benefits and importance of skin care for self care 

You certainly already know that skin is the outermost layer of your body. This layer protects your body from various external substances or elements, such as UV rays, pollution, or cigarette smoke.

As a protector, the outer layer of the body becomes more susceptible to damage due to exposure. Your skin can become irritated, have acne, black spots appear, or experience permanent skin damage.

In fact, the risk of skin cancer increases if you don’t take care of your skin . This means that the benefits of doing other skin care can also make you physically healthier, which of course is part of self-care itself.

Not only that, skin care, especially facial care, also brings other benefits. One of them makes you more confident and looks charming.

These things can help you reduce stress and gain happiness. You can also become more energetic, so you can carry out activities as well as possible.

On the other hand, other self-care steps can also provide benefits for your skin health. Controlling stress, eating nutritious food, and exercising regularly can make your skin look younger and avoid various skin problems that may arise.

Tips for doing skin care as part of self care 

The easiest way to do self-care and love yourself is to appreciate and optimize your body without changing its shape and function. This was stated by a dermatologist, Dr. Erika Nurhandayani Zoulba, Sp.KK.

Doctor Erika explained that not everyone is born with a perfect physique in the opinion of many people, such as white skin, straight hair, sharp nose, slim body, and so on.

“But everyone can bring out their own best side. If your skin isn’t white, then at least it won’t be dull. “If you’re fat from birth, at least you’re not obese,” he said at the Prossi Clinic’s 3rd anniversary celebration at Twin House Cipete on October 25 2022.

At least, continued Dr. Erika, a person must meet the standard criteria for healthy skin. Moreover, as the outermost organ, the skin is the most visible part of the body.

Apart from that, artist and politician Wanda Hamidah shared her experience in doing skin care. According to him, he has maintained his own health since he was 30 years old by not exercising physically, getting enough rest, maintaining his diet and exercising regularly.

“As a child, mother and wife, there are people we must care for. “How can we take care of other people if we don’t start by taking care of ourselves,” he said.

To maintain healthy skin, Wanda said that she takes preventive measures before skin problems arise. For example, by injecting Salmon DNA, IPL ( Intense Pulse Light ) Hair Removal , and PRP ( platelet rich plasma ).

“It feels like my skin is regenerating. “So even though we are on the age threshold, we are not inferior to our nephews,” added Wanda.

Other skin care tips

Apart from tips from Dr. Erika and Wanda above, you can also get the benefits of skin care and self care by taking several other steps, such as the following.

  • Use sunscreen every day before doing activities outside the home.
    Quit or don’t smoke.
  • Use skin care products according to the condition and needs of your skin.
  • Clean your facial skin every time you wake up and before going to bed and if you sweat.
  • Get skin care at a beauty clinic or dermatologist.
  • Do not scratch irritated skin, including acne.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Eat foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and E, and good fats, such as omega 3 and omega 6.

Get the benefits of skin care through acupuncture

Apart from the methods above, acupuncture can also be part of a series of skin treatments as a form of self-care . The reason is, this treatment adapted from Chinese medicine can provide benefits for the health and beauty of your skin.

“Acupuncture can be done for cosmetic purposes by inserting needles into the skin tissue and then into the elastin to increase skin elasticity,” said Dr. Prinsa Raudha Acna, Sp.AK as an acupuncture specialist.

Not just for the skin, self-care with acupuncture can provide benefits for your body’s overall health.

Because, this type of treatment can help prevent back and waist pain and reduce stomach acid levels to treat ulcers and migraines.

To get various types of skin care, you can visit Prossi Clinic which is located in Tebet, Kebayoran Lama, and Bintaro. Come directly to the clinic location or book the Prossi Clinic in advance via Hello Sehat.

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