Trimming Baby’s Eyelashes to Curl, Effective or Dangerous?

Trimming Baby's Eyelashes to Curl, Effective or Dangerous?

Trimming Baby’s Eyelashes to Curl, Effective or Dangerous? – She said cutting baby’s eyelashes can make them curl like wearing mascara. Is it true or just a myth? This is the fact!

Curly eyelashes become one of the “standards” of a beautiful appearance. No wonder, some parents are willing to cut their baby’s eyelashes because they think that this action can make them grow curly.

However, not a few parents refuse to do that. The parents of this group think that cutting a baby’s eyelashes can even cause harm.

Then, which is true according to the medical opinion, is it proven that cutting baby’s eyelashes can make them grow curly or even harmful?

Can Cutting Baby’s Eyelashes Make It Curly?

In fact, there is no scientific evidence that cutting a baby’s eyelashes can make them grow curly. There is no specific way to make baby eyelashes curly.

Just give your little one the vitamins and minerals he needs from a variety of daily foods, so that the hair growth in his eyes is healthier.

Curling or not is affected by two factors, namely genetic and non-genetic.

Genetic factors mean that eyelash curliness is influenced by heredity. Some races or certain tribes have curled eyelashes.

If the parents have curled eyelashes, the chance of the little one to have such eyelashes becomes greater.

While non-genetic factors that are influential are the intake of vitamins as well as moisture and the health of the baby’s hair.

If there is no genetic history, sufficient nutrition and vitamins can at least thicken the baby’s hair, including his eyelashes.

Does Cutting Baby’s Eyelashes Really Have Side Effects?

Trimming a baby’s eyelashes can actually harm the health of his eyes. The use of sharp objects to cut very small objects, coupled with the fact that the baby moves a lot, can be at high risk of injuring him.

Here are the side effects that can occur when cutting baby’s eyelashes:

1. Eye Protection Becomes Reduced

Eyelashes serve to protect the eyes from harmful foreign objects such as dust, dirt, sweat, water, etc.

When the eyelashes are cut, it is easier for foreign objects to enter so that the child’s eyes are easily irritated.

2. Increased Risk of Eye Infection

Cutting a baby’s eyelashes can trigger irritation, so he will feel itchy and often touch his eyes. In addition, short eyelashes make the eye’s exposure to the environment increase without good protection.

If this is left, the child’s eyes will experience infection due to exposure to germs from hands and the environment.

3. Eyelids are at risk of injury

Although the eyelashes are cut while sleeping, there is no guarantee that the child will not move while sleeping. If not careful, the scissors can pierce the eyelids and even the child’s eyes, causing him to be hurt.

Worst of all, children can lose their vision due to being pierced by a sharp object.

4. Eyelashes Grow Stiffer

Cutting a baby’s eyelashes too short can damage the eyelashes and interfere with their growth. Eyelashes will grow stiffer and not as soft as before.

In addition, the baby becomes uncomfortable with the short shape of his eyelashes.

Therefore, parents should think again before cutting the baby’s eyelashes. It would be better if his eyelashes were allowed to grow naturally as they should, in order to avoid the above side effects.

Not Cut But Oiled, Is It Safe?

Many people say that natural ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil, and hazelnut oil can curl eyelashes. Is this true? So, how safe and effective is it?

Not denied. Hazelnut oil is already widely known for its benefits in hair growth. However, application on the scalp is certainly different from that on the eyes.

The eyelids, especially at the edge of the eye where the eyelashes grow, have a narrow surface area. Applying oil or other substances to the area is actually dangerous because it can get into the eyes and cause irritation.

When eye irritation occurs repeatedly, the child will be at risk of vision impairment.

In addition, residual oil that accumulates on the edges of the eyelids can clog the hair glands on the eyelashes. This will trigger irritation on the petals and infection due to the growth of germs.

In conclusion, cutting baby’s eyelashes or applying natural oil is not a method recommended by doctors. The risk is greater than the effect produced.

Instead of putting your little one at risk of health, it’s better to let his eyelashes grow as they should. The important thing is that the child’s eyelashes grow healthy and the vision function is good.

Make sure your little one always gets a healthy and balanced nutritional intake every day, yes!

Parents can consult a doctor about their child’s health through the Ask a Doctor feature . Also read other health articles on the KlikDokter application. Let’s #JagaSehatmu and family always!

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